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D&T VE 6 LITRE Systems

Get everything you knew about the VZ model range and throw it out the window as VE Commodore presents a whole new challenge for the ehxaust designer. A new floorpan means new pipe shapes, altered room for mufflers, and a different requirement for piping the exhaust note through to the outside world. Two months of hard work have already paid off for us in the form of our new D&T VE Commodore cat back exhausts
Keeping the note of the thundering L98 V8 engine under control while delivering optimum flow to the tips requires the use of our special resonator that wont strangle the engines performance, but does keep the sophisticated V8 note of the VE Commodore. With reduced floorpan room we also pay attention keeping the exhaust up close to the body to give excellent ground clearance

Quad exhaust tips keep the VE Commodore look in place, but the keen eyed will notice we go much larger in the pipe diameters to give a muscular appearance. We also put one of our special X-pipes in under the car to make sure that D&T are still the leaders in V8 exhaust power!

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