D&T Proton Satria GTi System
Bursting onto the scene as the true affordable hot hatch of the new millenium, the Proton Satria GTi has been the subject of much research by the D&T engineers

The stock headers are fairly goon on the GTi as far as production systems go, but our engineers found much greater performance by recrafting the entire front end of the system as part of our upgrade.

Even though our purpose built 4 into 1 tuned length headers give strong power gains, its a bit much to ask then to work through a restrictive stock rear muffler.

Coming off the back of our headers the system is entirely flexed to resist cracking, and also utilises a hi-flow catalytic converter to maximise exhaust gas flow.

Finishing off our system are a pair of our low restriction marine grade stainless mufflers that maximise flow without being unbearable in the noise department.

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