Chrysler PT Cruiser System
A timeless and classy design the PT Cruiser just aches for some aural accompaniament for its swoopy retro lines. We are able to unlock extra power from the small bore twin cam as well as adding a note well in keeping with the flavour of the Cruiser concept.

Being of American design there is much in the way of restriction with the stock PT Cruiser system. This gives us the ability to drastically increase exhaust flow and reduce back pressure while still keeping the note both enjoyable and legal.
Most of the real nasties with the PT system are located right at the front, with the restrictive two into one interference adapter being removed and replaced with one of our own design. There is also a flex joint added to the system to ensure that even after many years of use there is no cracking.

Keeping the note sweet is one of our custom stainless craftsman series mufflers which add a baritone yet fun tone to the attitude of the Cruiser. You may also notice our retro style tip which works in well with the baby hot rod.

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