D&T Monaro LS1 System
We were able to get our hands on a development Monaro before just about anyone else, hence when it comes to an exhaust for you new couple we have something ready to go off the shelf

Since the Monaro is such an important car not only for us but the entire Australian market we decided to go one step further and have these Monaro engine covers custom crafted. If you are interested in a set then please contact us via email

With most of our existing LS1 exhaust development transferring straight over to the Monaro it was only natural for us to use our 4 into 1 header design on the car. Notice the large diameter collectors for low flow restriction.

The Monaro still isnt perfect around the cat pipe area, with the typical squashed Holden bends on the fronts of the converters. While mounting the 4 into 1 headers we remanufacture these pipes. Notice also the use of our X pipe system format.

D&T high quality polished stainless mufflers are used throughout the Monaro exhaust system providing the trademark D&T tip note under full power driving. There really is only one way though to find out how good our systems really are!

To give yourself the D&T advantage or to find out what sets our exhaust apart from the pack, please click a category...

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