D&T Hyundai Lantra System
The Lantra is equipped with a powerful Mitsubishi engine just waiting to have its hidden potential released by the fitment of one of our D&T exhausts. A broad spread of torque and power is achieved with our unique design headers and D&T muffler.

Headers are crucial for the Lantra to achieve its maximum output. The standard manifold is unable to deliver, restricting much needed top end air flow.

Extra long secondary pipework is used to promote toruqe output, while one of our unique high flow race cats makes sure the system has no unnecessary restriction.

A centre polished stainless resonator (which is straight through) reduces bark, while our open pipework speeds the burnt gasses to the rear muffler.

This is another vehicle that has benefited enormously from a specially designed D&T rear muffler - giving 5% more total power than any other muffler we tried. Note the polished stainless tip.

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