D&T Honda CRX System
With Honda and Acura products being at the 'pointy end' of the import performance scene D&T are there with stainless steel handcrafted 4 into 1 race headers and performance systems to suit every model of CRX. From the 1.5 twin carb featured here to the Del Sol we have market leading performance figures that only a specialist designer can achieve.

To get the best out of any Honda engine the key to designing headers is properly determined pipe lengths. Notice that the D&T 4 into 1 header is carefully designed to allow easy fitment to the vehicle with its 2 piece design.

Each exhaust port on the headers is carefully finished to make sure there are no power robbing ridges, guaranteeing the maximum engine power output.Fitted to the engine the D&T headers look great!

Under the car the primary pipes continue well past the sump before joining to the first resonator (after the cat) which is a straight through unit designed to remove any annoying 'bark'.

A baffled rear muffler of the D&T variety is used to keep sound legal without strangling power - such is our internal muffler design - while the rear of the car is finished off with a set of DTM style tips for maximum visual impact.

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