D&T Audi A4 Turbo System
The low pressure boosted Audi comes alive when the restrictive and poorly designed standard system is replaced with a D&T hand crafted exhaust. Massive gains are evident as the Audi gets a chance to build some meaningful boost.

The standard system is almost a joke with the restrictive centre muffler robbing the engine of up to 20kw. The whole system from the turbo is fully refabricated in 3 inch stainless steel.
Crafting the front pipe for maximum power and torque gain is the aim here with carefully welded and linished pipes causing minimal gas restriction.

One of our 3 inch race flow catalytic converters is next on the list, fastened into place in the original position. Note the 3 inch flex joint to ensure years of reliable operation.
In the centre of the car we use a 3 inch straight through resonator to reduce any chance of 'bark'. At the rear one of our own D&T 3 inch polished stainless straight through mufflers is used.
Twin tailpipes complete the system giving a DTM look that fits in with the power gains nicely.

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