Professional Exhaust R&D Centre

Our premises located in the Adelaide City Centre are world class. A fully equipped workshop with all of the latest tooling and equipment gives us the competitive edge.

Apart from having the largest variety of different stock on display we back up our development with an in-house Dynamometer. If you can see the results before and after your D&T exhaust you know you have truly received professional service. If you are an interstate/overseas customer have confidence that we have developed your mail order exhaust system using this facility.

All customers get a free dyno printout before and of charge!


Denny Ross has over 20 years of exhaust industry experience allowing him to fully understand your requirement. Denny has also consulted to the exhaust industry as a specialist throughout this time before he founded D&T Performance in 1997.

Pictured from left to right are WAYNE BROWN, JOHN, and RICKY

WAYNE BROWN : Wayne is the front man of D&T. Wayne uses his unique communication skills to ensure that your system turns out EXACTLY the way you want it. As you can see he also likes his photo taken!
JOHN : With 10 years experience with at one of Australias largest header manufacturers John is a valuable member of the D&T team.
RICKY: As a D&T technician, prior experience in the exhaust industry gives Ricky the building blocks for sound system design and manufacturing techniques.

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