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[ D&T - 8 CARS! ]

D&T hits you with a double whammy of new cars! Check out our cars page to view them

[ D&T - 4 New Cars! ]

D&T continues it's enhancement leagcy with four more vehicles for you to view!

The brand new 2008 Land Cruiser, a heavily modified Chevrolet Bel-Air, the fresh-faced HSV R8 Maloo Ute and a GIANT among vehicles, the Dodge SRT10!

[ D&T - MORE New Cars! ]

D&T has 4 new cars for you to view!

Four new rides have arrived at the D&T Performance website to bring in the new year. The brand new VE Ute, a highly modified VT Clubsport, a bolt-by-bolt rebuilt LJ Torana GTR and a rare STI Subaru Liberty B4 twin turbo!

Chrysler DUB

[ D&T - New Section! ]

D&T has a new website section!

Check out the media page by clicking MEDIA in the top menu, there you will find the first of many D&T desktop wallpapers! Also, a collection of pics displaying our high-quality work.

[ D&T - Workshop facelift & upgrade! ]

D&T Performance has undergone a face-lift, on both fronts! The city store and the Salisbury store have undergone a transformation, with more products, upgrades and special features.

Head to your nearest D&T Performance store now to discuss the many options in performance enhancement for your mean-machine!

[ D&T - MORE New Cars! ]

D&T has another new set of cars on display!

We have four (count them!) fresh new vehicles from the D&T Performance garage on display in our Cars section, these include: The loud and proud Falcon Ute, the ever-efficient Honda Civic, the Big Friendly Giant Holden Caprice and last but certainly not least, a high-revving screaming bullet - Toyota Levin GTV Import!



Gilbert St. Party Gallery!

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